Current situation...

In this current situation, we are faced with making  difficult decisions as many of us do. We have reopened and are delivering online and in-person services at this time. We hope you and your families are well and getting through this pandemic with as much grace as possible. 

We are looking at creative ways to keep our students learning, especially as we are all unsure of how the coming months will go. We will work diligently on keeping these resources available to our families as long as we can and also keep you all updated. We will be offering assistance where needed. If you have any questions, concerns or need assistance please let us know and we will do what we can to help.

Please be safe, wear a mask indoors and in populated places.

We can beat this thing.

Our Vision

Empowering those who learn differently

to see the world without limits,

by embracing their extraordinary talents. 

Our Services

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Full Time Educational Programming

8:30-2:30 Mon - Thurs

8:30-1:30 Fridays

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Part Time Educational Programming

Hours within the Full Time parameters.

Based on fitting into current schedules

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Behavioral Intervention,

Social Skills Groups and Tutoring

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What our customers are saying

Most people see what is,

and never see what can be.

Albert Einstein

Our Team

Turning learning into fun and fun into learning!

Lorrilee Hopkins

Certified School Teacher & Behavioral Interventionist

Known lovingly to us as Lee, she has been a teacher for 23 years. Working with adapted and modified programming for those who learn differently. Spent time teaching and planning for an Independent- alternative school in Northern BC. She is full of humorous stories and strategies to help learners attain educational success, whether adapted (for example; striving for their Dogwood) or modified (looking for interest based outlets).

Carla Schamehorn 

Educational/Speech Assistant & Behavioral Interventionist

Carla has worked in the public school classroom as well as in the modified learning world for those who learn differently. She has 19 years of experience to draw from, including 8 years assisting with implementing speech programming and creating inventive learning strategies. She is also an active and adventurous person that incorporates movement wherever and whenever it may be helpful.

Program Leads

Lorrilee H.

Carla S.

Emily W.  

Student Mentors

Kim S.

Quinn L.

Carly H.

Aaron S.

Mya B.

Karen C.

Darryl M.

Thi N.

Aileen A.

Tracy M.

Lonna B.

Shayden L.

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