Our Story

At Let Me Be Me Learning Foundation we believe there is a need for comprehensive services for children and youth who face barriers to education, culture and social/life skills. We provide these services to children and their families. Let Me Be Me provides a variety of programs that take a holistic approach to learning. At the same time, these programs are individualized to meet the needs and hone the talents of each student.

The students in the Let Me Be Me Program are grounded in culture, sustainability and connected to the community. We provide part time and full time programming (gr K-12, with modified or adapted options), as well as after school play groups (social skills), tutoring services and behavioral intervention. These programs develop social skills (through regular community outings, special activities, role play) and life skills (through cooking, budgeting, laundry & personal care). We also familiarize and have the students get comfortable with technology so that they are capable of being connected to their community and community services.

Students have the opportunity to participate in nutrition programs, exploring food and its connection to nature, community and sustainability. This includes incorporating modern lifestyle choices that reflect the dietary needs of the students; i.e. allergy challenges, vegan or gluten free, etc.

Our center is a hub for service providers; such as speech language pathologists, occupational and play therapists, counsellors and other professionals as referred, in order to support the varying needs of students and their families. Let Me Be Me provides time and space to facilitate such endeavors with minimal barriers to families and caregivers. We also recognize the importance of integration of First Nations culture. Elders are welcomed to the center to share oral traditions, drumming and valuable wisdom with the students.

We are highly motivated to integrate students into community programs and services that will enable them to learn how to be resilient, responsible and self-reliant. This is to include work experience placement, resumes and counselling to better prepare individuals for their transition from Let Me Be Me into our community.

Why Choose Us?

Let Me Be Me will always take quality support very seriously, with that in mind, our learner to mentor ratio will always be at the most 4:1.  We also currently support some 1:1 learners.

We are a small group of like minded, experienced and credentialed individuals, each with our own strengths to bring to the table. Contact us if you'd like to join the team.

Life skills and social skills are presenting as more and more needed skill sets. We incorporate this into every lesson. Sometimes it's the entire lesson until a knowledge base is observed so educational learning can be reached with these imperative skills in place first.

Lorrilee Hopkins

Certified School Teacher & Behavioral Interventionist

Known lovingly to us as Lee, she has been a teacher for 17 years. Working with adapted and modified programming for those who learn differently. Lee spent time teaching and planning for an Independent- alternative school in Northern BC. She is full of humorous stories and strategies to help learners attain educational success, whether adapted (for example; striving for their Dogwood) or modified (looking for interest based outlets).

Seeking Team Mates

Are you looking to join a team whose goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth? Practicum students, experienced volunteers and trained staff are encouraged to contact us to become part of our fun loving family at the

Let Me Be Me Learning Foundation!

People we covet for their support

Graeme Arkell, Tina Louie, Carrie Thomson, Jo Urbanovich, Si Chen.

Also the great people of Oak & Orca Bioregional School, Ascend Online School, SelfDesign Learning Community and the Ministry of Children and Family Development here in Nanaimo, BC.